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The Company

IsoTek® was formed in July 2001 with the vision to create high-quality mains power conditioners that stretched beyond current conventions. Through careful market analysis and extensive research, IsoTek® has been able to launch products that dramatically improve the performance of all components used within an audio or visual environment. As a result of this success, power conditioning is now recognised as an integral part of any hi-fi or home theatre system, be it modest or high-end. IsoTek® products are proven to lead the way in power management systems throughout the world, in both domestic and professional markets. The latest EVO3 range further galvanises a commitment to pursue excellence at every level.

IsoTek® believes that all hi-fi and home theatre components benefit from their own clean power supply. This has led to the concept of using individual filters for every component, with each designed specifically for the purpose in hand. This dramatically reduces cross-contamination between components plugged into the filter and improves performance significantly. Every part used in an IsoTek® design is of the highest quality and is extensively tested for reliability and purpose. The circuit designs are then ‘field’ tested before they reach the market, in order to ensure the widest possible compatibility with third party products.

The IsoTek® product range has been developed to offer music and film lovers huge improvements in sound or picture quality at a given price point. Great care and attention is given to finding a balance between technology, price and performance, where the sum is always greater than the combination of parts. This remains a continual challenge.

Installing an IsoTek® unit will significantly improve the performance of your entire audio or home theatre system. The noise floor will drop and subtle sonic details will become more evident, with greater articulation of low frequency information. Increases in atmosphere and a general sense of realism will be achieved. Home theatre owners will notice improved image quality with a greater differentiation between tonal values. Black hues will be richer with subtle intonation, skin tone inflections will be far more natural and the overall presentation will have a palpable realism.

IsoTek® strives to offer exceptional performance and value for money, with all products designed in the UK to the highest possible standards. Reliability and aesthetics also play a critical role in sustaining IsoTek’s® high-quality reputation, with customer service that is second to none. Our ongoing quest is to achieve excellence at every stage, meeting each challenge with science, innovation and sound engineering – that is the IsoTek® way.

Why Power?

In the world of hi-fi and home theatre, it is universally accepted that signal purity must be maintained from format source to final presentation. In other words, ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. It is not possible to correct losses or corruptions to an audio signal down the chain of components, therefore it is advocated that all source components – for example, a CD player, turntable, DVD or Blu-ray player – must be of the highest of standard. Even the interconnecting cable at this stage should be of the highest quality, so as not to lose those precious signals. These are principles upon which manufacturers have based their business strategies – proven principles that form the bedrock of high-end audio. It is, however, important to step another stage back, beyond the primary source; a stage that not only governs your source components but also dramatically affects every other stage of your hi-fi or home theatre system. It is a factor that is often overlooked until a system is complete, regarded as an ‘add-on’ once everything else is in place. It is, however, a critical factor in every system’s performance, affecting all components in the chain. What’s more, without proper provision you will never hear or see the true potential of your system.

The best CD player in the world will not work at all without power, but the purity of that power will have a dramatic effect on its performance, as well as on the signal that high-quality audio endeavours to preserve throughout the entire audio chain.

From the moment power is generated, it is exposed to many polluting factors. The miles of cables that power travels along are bathed in a sea of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). These factors are set to become worse as our global communications networks expand. These issues are then added to by an over stretched power network that is put under increasing strain by rising demand, so that maintaining a tightly regulated supply becomes almost impossible. These issues are compounded by the fact that as equipment draws power, the mains sign wave becomes corrupted – even your own audio or AV equipment contributes to this.

If you accept the first principle of audio – to place emphasis on the quality of source components – then accept also that the power delivered to your components is fundamental.

Start at the true beginning, the power supply. Remember: ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’.

Why IsoTek?

Maintaining a healthy environment for your audio or home theatre system is essential. IsoTek® products guarantee to provide each component in your audio or home theatre system with a pure power supply, ensuring that you achieve the best possible performance. Whether your budget is large or small, at each given price point there is an ideal IsoTek® power conditioner to suit your needs. The quality of IsoTek® products is endorsed by numerous magazine reviews and awards, not only in the UK but also throughout Europe, America and the Far East.

The ownership of an IsoTek® product ensures the very latest technological breakthroughs. Innovative proprietary technologies like Polaris-X©, which acts as a non-release pressure valve for mains noise, thereby dramatically reducing component cross-contamination, feature in every IsoTek® design. Other IsoTek® innovations like Direct Coupled Design©, Adaptive Gating©, Inductive Resistance Gate©, K.E.R.P.© and Triple Resonant System© ensure class-leading performance. These advanced features are unique to IsoTek® power conditioners.

All IsoTek® products are professionally designed, manufactured and hand-built using the finest audiophile-grade components in the UK. These exacting standards ensure ultimate performance and reliability. Our standard customer guarantee scheme also offers a lifetime of service and dependability.